How A Highly Productive Person’s Weekend is Different

"Determine never to be inactive. Nobody will have the opportunity to complain about the lack of time and never loses. It's great to see how much we can do if we still do it. Thomas Jefferson

Why does it seem that some people are so much more productive than others? You can sum it up to one thing: they are more productive.

What makes someone a productive person? Let's discover some attributes that distinguish the weekend of a productive person.

1) Proactively prioritize for a productive weekend

Without being too reductionist, you can classify people into two groups: proactive or reactive. One of the most important attributes of a productive person is his or her proactivity. This propensity for proactivity does not stop on weekends. Being proactive does not stop on weekends.

A proactive person has already planned each of his events for the weekend with a little room for maneuver, while a reactive person will let his weekend happen to him. I recently spoke to a highly respected person in the Fintech space, who codifies the colors by his calendar to ensure that he plans and prioritizes his time effectively.

2) get up early

Productive people realize that time is one of the most valuable assets of human life and that time is a limited asset. We can always make more money, but we can not save more time.

It is important to get up early to realize this asset. Sleep is important, but sleeping is not. As such, getting up early and starting well is an essential part of a productive person's life. Even parents with young children often make it a priority, as this is the only time they have to fend for themselves before their children have finished.

3) make the most of their mornings

The efficiency with your morning activities is the key. What are the tasks to be done? Can you group your chores and errands together to save time and focus on something else?

If you do not think and do not think about your morning, the result is visible in most mornings and lack of activity. I like what Dante said: "The one who knows the most the most heartache for the time lost."

4) disconnect

Disconnecting does not mean sitting in front of a Netflix show for 8 hours. It means a time of absence where you can think, contemplate and disconnect from your hectic life.

Disconnection can be difficult for a productive person as she is always trying to do more, but it is very important to rest at the weekend. Rest can help you be more productive than if you are constantly depriving yourself of sleep.

5) Spend quality time with your loved ones

A productive person knows that having priorities in the right place is of paramount importance for productivity. That's why it's essential to maximize the time spent with your friends and loved ones. These relationships are what gives a productive person a clear mind to be able to perform as effectively throughout the week.

6) are good for their body

Exercise and diet are essential for a productive weekend. Exercising can relieve stress and allow you to free your mind from work activities.

Your diet defines many things in your life, but one of these is your energy level. I like to think of the saying "Garbage In, Garbage Out". If you eat poorly, you will have less energy and less ability to do important things. I would recommend Joseph Chukwube's article in Choosing the Brain on Diet and Productivity.

7) Plan next week

Scheduling and prioritizing your weekend does not stop over the weekend, it affects scheduling and prioritization for the next week. A productive person is always planning and executing, so it's helpful to take stock of your upcoming week, as well as plan and prioritize.

I am religiously using Google Calendar to keep my week in order, but there are hundreds of tools that can help you plan your week.

8) Get some rest

Sleep is a necessary element to be productive. The Sleep Foundation states that "sleep is an essential indicator of overall health and well-being. We sleep up to one-third of our lives and the overall state of our "sleep health" remains a critical issue throughout our lives. He recommends you take between 7 and 9 hours from 18 to 64 years old. 8 hours 65 and over. Another tip of rest that you can try is to go to bed and get up at the same time each day to help your body get in pace.

I would like to hear what you think. What is a productivity hack that worked for you?

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