Ways To Be More Confident And Get What You Want

People often told me that I always seemed to get what I want. I answer that it's because I usually want what I get, but there is more than that. The more I refine my skills to achieve goals and the more I learn to be more confident, the more I am prepared to get what I want. Read on for tips that will help you get what you want and trust you.

Know what you want, not what you do not want.
If you decide to go on vacation but you take out a map and say, "I do not want to go to Delaware, I do not want to go to Wyoming, I do not want to go to Idaho ..." and so on you will not go anywhere. For the holidays to happen, you have to choose where you will go, who you want to go with, how you will get there and other criteria. Research shows that a person is more likely to achieve a stated positive than a negative goal.

To know itself.
There are three key questions you should ask yourself when trying to get what you want and feel confident about it. The first question would be: "What do I want is under my control?" What is your sphere of influence in relation to your goal? In the couple's consultations, I heard a spouse tell me that he wanted his loved one to be happier. My answer was, "You can not have that." Of course, we all want our loved ones to be happy, but we really have no control over their insides. So I asked the person, "What would it do for you if your wife was happier?" And the answer surprised them. "I would be happier." "It's a goal you control," I replied. Make sure what you want is under your control and you do not have to trust anyone to get it.

The second question is, "How will I know that I am achieving this goal?" Make sure this answer is not a fluff response, but a response that is clearly recognizable by your eyes, ears, nose, and touch. One day, I asked a friend who was going through a crisis, "What do you want to have happened through all this?" They said, "I want a better one." Although it was a laudable goal, it was severely undefined. Better how? Better in what contexts? When is it possible that the worst is worse? As I asked these questions and others who gave skin to the result, he was almost able to taste the final product. As a result, he felt more confident to reach.

The third question is about ecology. This is not the "green for the planet" type, but a concern for the impact that this result will have on you and those around you. I heard about a life coach who had been approached by a client just before his ski trip to Colorado. Her client wanted to learn to be more confident during skiing. Being "helpful", she pulled some of the best tricks out of her bag to make her feel confident as he flew over those smooth, crisp, white slopes. The problem is that he came back with a broken collarbone and a cracked ankle. He was a novice skier taking a slope that was beyond his abilities. Unfortunately, he and his life coach did not address crucial ecology issues that would have revealed that the client had to first learn skills before he could trust him. Examine the disadvantages of your result and correct them before proceeding.

Plan the steps and calculate what they will cost you.
You've probably heard the clichés: Rome was not built in a day. Eat an elephant, one bite at a time, and so on. The truth is that everything is possible when it is broken down into small steps. When you conceptualize the steps to achieve your goal and think about the resources you will need to achieve that goal, you are putting yourself in a position to take risks that make sense. In addition, you have reduced the fear of the unknown to a controllable volume that will make it a resource for you. Yes, fear is a resource. This requires us to think and rethink our strategies, commitment and resources. When you deal with fear, you come out more prepared and confident.

Stay flexible and do more than you want.
Flexibility is the key to getting what you want and trusting yourself. If you really have something you want, you know that you have the influence to get it, you will recognize it once you reach it, it will not cause you any problems to do it and you have the resources to do it, then you have the green light to throw everything into that goal with one warning - do not tie in the way you do it. You may think that the end result will look exactly like the one you imagined and that you would have achieved exactly as planned. Not always like that. Sometimes the universe has its own influence on your plan and you have to adjust the course.

If you encounter obstacles, use them as an opportunity to step back and re-evaluate: Is this result useful? Can I still control it? Do I have enough resources or do I have to go out of my way to ask for help? Is the goal defined differently and is the final product still what I want, but in a different form? Am I now aware of the consequences of this goal of which I was not aware before? What will this result do for me? If, after these questions, you still have the green light, it is worthwhile to cross the obstacle with confidence and tenacity. If you can not all respond to your satisfaction, it can be a sign of starting all over again with a new result at a different level.

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