Things You Need to be Doing on Social Media

If social media is not an essential part of your online marketing strategy, this should be the case. Having a presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can add value to your product, customer service and ultimately your brand.

But having an account and spreading the news of the company is not enough. To attract and retain customers - and create a strong brand online - business owners need to be active on social media. They must provide valuable information and interact with their followers.
Here are four things companies should do on social media to develop the brand online:

1. Engage with followers and provide customer service.

Your customers engage with your brand wherever they are, including on social media. Do not miss this opportunity to listen to what they say and to you and to provide the best customer service.
Why is it so important? By answering customer questions and solving problems via social media, everyone who follows you - and potentially everyone online - recognizes that your business cares about customers, potential customers, and makes an extra effort. for his clients.
Tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck can be handy for controlling your brand's social media endorsements. As to when and who you answer, set the tone early. If you answer often, people will expect it. If you do not answer a lot, people will see it too and stop communicating with you as often.
2. Crowdsource Ideas.

Use social media as a marketing research tool. Just as people can contact you, follow you and keep in touch with you, business owners can do the same with their customers. Social media goes both ways.
Say, for example, that you are about to launch a new product. You can ask your fans and followers what they think about certain details, like the colors they like or the types of features they want. You can not only get free real and valuable market research but also involve the consumer in the decisions. Asking customers their opinions can help show that they matter, and when they see their ideas become a reality, you ideally create brand and product champions.

3. Keep an eye on the competition.

Remember the old adage: keep your close friends, keep your enemies closer.
In the business world, it's good to know what your competitors and other companies in your niche are doing. By keeping an eye on their social networks, you can learn a lot about a company: what it does differently, what it does well and what is bad. Use this information to implement elements of your strategy that you may miss, such as contests, giveaways, or content forms that their subscribers respond to most.

4. Establish yourself as an industry expert.

Nobody can know what you know unless you share your knowledge. By sharing information such as tips, advice, and answers to questions about your sector, you can position yourself as a valuable resource.
Develop a content sharing strategy where you answer questions every day, give unsolicited advice, and share your perspective on industry news. On sites such as Twitter and Reddit, consider also planning events such as Q & A sessions. Inform your subscribers that you will host the session, set the date and time, and determine the theme or topic you want to address. Then let your subscribers know that you will try to answer everything they ask for.

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