Some Amazing Facts Of Life

Life is different for everyone. Even happiness is different from everyone else. What can be the meaning of life and happiness for you, but there are amazing facts about life that are similar for all. There are tools of life by which you can give any form to your life according to your choice. Anyone who has accomplished anything in life has used these facts consciously or unconsciously to achieve his dreams. So why not you! Let's get the idea of these facts from this article, INCREDIBLE LIVES, and use them simply as tools to make your dreams come true.

Of course, God did not give us everything equally, but there are some things he gave us as well, and the most interesting thing is that you can get all the other things in this universe. Here are these 4 amazing facts of life.

  • Imagination
  • Intelligence
  • Practice
  • True love
  • Compound interest

1) Imagination

Imagination is the greatest power. I know it sounds strange, but after reading this article, I guarantee you will agree with me.

You can imagine anything, there is no limit to the imagination. You can cover the whole universe in one second in your imagination. Of course, only by imagination, you can not get anything. If you live your life in an imaginary world, it's called illusion. But when you come out of the real world of your imagination, it gives you a dream. A dream for this image to become reality. And the dream of friends is the seed of every success. If you do not have a dream, you will never really succeed.

Everything we enjoy today, such as mobile phone, TV, computer, airplane, Internet, etc., was someone's dream. That means it was someone's imagination. Before the invention of these things, if someone spoke of it, it was called crazy, but it is the power of the imagination of those who made these things a reality. Likewise today, traveling back in time is an imagination. Nobody can believe that this is possible. But maybe in reality, after 50 years, it will be possible to travel back in time. It is the power of imagination that has made it possible to turn the dreams of a human being into reality.

I think now you can understand how imagination is the greatest creative force in this world. So, if they can, you can also turn your imagination into reality. Of course, it will not be easy, but it will certainly be possible. It's the power of imagination. So never hesitate to see a dream in your mind. Also, never listen to those who try to stop you from seeing a dream. They are very unlucky people because they do not know the power of the imagination. Avoid them and focus on your imagination, make it your dream of life and let yourself go.

2) intelligence

The second amazing fact is intelligence. Where there is intelligence, there is luck. In fact, good luck and bad luck are the shadows of intelligence and madness. If you are smart, you can change your bad luck into luck. In this world, there are many people who are accepted by other unlucky ones, but they make themselves the luckiest people in this world. You can read their biographies to find out how they achieve everything with their intelligence.

It's really like that. When you make your imagination a dream, your mind then wonders how it can be real. And if you're smart, your brain tells you how to make your dream come true. Always remember one thing, if your mind can imagine anything, your intelligence will have the power to make it real, because intelligence is more powerful than imagination. It only takes time and effort.

A maximum of people thinks that intelligence is a birth gift. But it's totally wrong. There are different parts of our brain. As much as you use your brain as intelligence grows. Yet science can not identify the limit of brainpower. For example, see everything a human has created so far. You can easily guess the unlimited power of intelligence.

It means that if you believe in the intelligence, you can not believe in the impossible. There is always a possibility. The learning attitude is the tool by which everyone can increase their intelligence. If you have a learning attitude 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no one can stop you from being the smartest person in the world. That's why I said that intelligence was an extraordinary fact.

3) practice

The practice is the creator of everything. Imagination and intelligence are like the architect and dream engineer of your life. But the practice is the worker who gives your dreams a real form. This means that by imagination you can make a dream and by intelligence, you can plan how to make this dream a reality and finally, by practice, you will realize your dream.

Remember the friends when we were kids, we could not talk or walk. But by practicing continuously now, not only can we speak, but we can speak different languages. In addition, by practice, we first crawled, then walked and ran. However, we can drive now. All of these things are possible through practice. Everything is possible through practice, so do not underestimate the power of practice. Once, if you understand that it's power, you can make everything possible with it. Is not a magic stick by which you can get anything! There are many examples who have achieved incredible things through practice. Someone dances without legs and someone drives without eyes while 90% of people apologize that God has given them no power. What else could god give you? It will be better if people avoid complaining and use this incredible power to get what they want. This is the third amazing fact of life.

4) True love

The most interesting and amazing thing in life. Believe me, it's the basis of life. But wait! Here, I'm not talking only about the love between human beings or between living beings, I'm also talking about a great love that is related to everything. I am talking about a supernatural power that has the ability to give you what you want.

Let me explain it clearly. If you ask people who are successful in any field, why they succeed in his field, they will give one answer: they like their work. This is not the so-called love of a boy and a girl, it is the true love of a person who dreams. These dreams come from the imagination of this person.

Let's take an example. Remember the first love of your life. If your lover asks you to love him for 24 hours without rest, were you to refuse them? "Never, you even asked why not 48 hours, it's the love I'm talking about and when someone falls in love with his dream, then he's sure he'll get it, because dreams and true love never deceives, it can only happen in the love of two human beings.

This true love gives the power to dedicate everything to your dream without any hesitation or feeling of agitation. You can work for your dreams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even at that time, even when you're in pain. Because you are under the control of a supernatural and invisible power called love.

So, friends, if you realize the power of love, then trust me, you will realize all your dreams. The only thing you have to do is fall in love with your dreams. And yes, this power will only work if you're really in love with your dreams, not if you're just in love with them.

5) Compound interests

Compound interest is the greatest miracle of this universe. Most people are not aware of the combined effect of different things in their life. Because of the lack of this knowledge, they believe in luck. Today, I will clearly explain the composite effect of life.

Who they belong to a scientific background can have an idea about it. But for many others, it's a totally new thing. The formula of compound interest is the following: - A = P (1 + r / n) nt. Now, you think about how this applies in real life. It's 100%, applicable friends! To make it clear, let's take an example.

Imagine that you have decided to lose your weight. It's your goal. Now you have started the exercise. After one year, you lost 10 kg. You have your goal. But also with that, you were free of many diseases such as constipation, weakness, lack of sleep, skin diseases. Even if you look better, everyone notices, you save a lot of money that could be wasted on drugs. The glow of your face has also increased and people are giving you more importance, which increases your reputation. Now, tell me what all these things are! Were these your goals? Your goal was to lose fat, these are actually additional benefits that are otherwise simply called compound interest.

Similarly, if you are underweight and you try to gain weight by eating too much, you can increase your weight after a few moments, but also cause many diseases. You may look ugly and people will avoid you and many more bad things can happen to you. However, you only want to put some weight, but these are additional rewards for this goal. So I think you can now understand the compound interest you have in each of your work or efforts. This means that what looks good does not work in the compound. But if, once you have understood the complex effect of your work in the present and the future and you manage your efforts accordingly, you can obviously get more than your imagination. And remember whether you believe it or not, but it applies to everything. However, for some people, it's lucky, but for others, it's compound interest.

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